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JMW and Day One

JMW is proud to collaborate with Day One, offering comprehensive support and guidance for individuals across the UK who have suffered a major trauma including brain, spinal cord, amputation and serious orthopaedic injuries. Our shared objective with Day One is to assist trauma patients and their families who have been affected by a life-changing injury. We prioritise early rehabilitation and support to maximise the chances of our clients making the best recovery possible. Our personal injury team are based in Manchester and have over 25 years’ experience of helping clients who have suffered a major trauma.  

About Day One 

Around 20,000 people experience major trauma in England and Wales each year, with an average patient age of just under 40. Despite advancements such as the introduction of major trauma centres in 2014, which have significantly improved survival rates and reduced hospital stays, the journey following a major trauma extends far beyond physical recovery. Major trauma can profoundly affect every aspect of an individual's life and their family, often necessitating extensive legal, financial and emotional support.

The aftermath of a major trauma is devastating, halting life as it was known and causing upheaval for the individual and their loved ones. Beyond physical injuries, which can lead to significant disabilities affecting daily activities and family roles, the psychological impact is immense. A significant number of patients face mental health challenges, including depression and PTSD, compounded by the potential financial strain due to lost income or altered employment circumstances.

Day One is a national charity dedicated to providing tailored support for people affected by major physical trauma. By offering a holistic model of support, Day One addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by major trauma patients. From legal advice on compensation and employment rights to emotional and practical assistance, Day One ensures no one faces these challenges alone.

Their services are designed with compassion at their core, offering peer support that inspires and aids recovery. This approach ensures that major trauma patients and their families receive the comprehensive support they need, helping them adapt to new circumstances and embark on their journey to recovery with confidence and support.

Day One's commitment extends beyond immediate medical care, focusing on the broader aspects of recovery and adaptation to life post-trauma. Their invaluable support helps mitigate the wide-ranging impacts of major trauma, fostering resilience and aiding recovery for individuals and their families.

Our Expertise

Gordon Cartwright and Andrew Lilley, joint heads of the personal injury department, express their pride and commitment: 

“JMW’s partnership with Day One aims to support major trauma patients and their families comprehensively. We are deeply aware of the challenges faced by major trauma patients and prioritise early rehabilitation and support to enhance our clients' recovery prospects following a life-changing injury.

“Our extensive experience enables us to secure maximum compensation and early interim payments for our clients, covering a wide spectrum of personal injury claims, including those resulting from brain, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and serious orthopaedic conditions. 

“We adopt a holistic approach, acknowledging the profound impact a serious injury has on the entire family. Moreover, as a full-service law firm, JMW’s legal professionals are also equipped to provide advice in other legal areas such as employment, crime and family-related issues, ensuring comprehensive support.”

The collaborative effort between JMW Solicitors and Day One ensures that individuals affected by major trauma receive the necessary support at every step of the claims process. We possess the resources, expertise and experience required to help people navigate the various legal scenarios that may arise. Whether dealing with personal injury, medical negligence cases, employment issues, or matters concerning benefits, wills, trusts and estate planning, our professional team is committed to your cause.

Specifically, we offer assistance in:

Through our partnership with Day One, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled legal support and rehabilitation services to ensure major trauma patients and their families can navigate their recovery with the utmost care and professional guidance.

How Our Relationship With Day One Benefits You

JMW Solicitors aims to provide critical legal and financial support accessible to those affected by major trauma, regardless of the nature and extent of their injuries. We proactively reach out to individuals in need, offering to meet in hospital or at home, according to their comfort. Furthermore, we collaborate with organisations that offer vital advice and resources, ensuring comprehensive support for these individuals and their families during challenging times. Our mission is to ensure that every person impacted by major trauma has access to justice and the necessary support to navigate this difficult period.

We maintain a strong relationship with Day One, ensuring that anyone affected by major trauma who reaches out to us can be swiftly connected with the right support networks. While we provide legal assistance, our partnership with Day One also enables us to ensure that individuals also receive the emotional and practical support they need. This collaborative approach allows us to address the comprehensive needs of those affected.

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