Case Study: Whiplash After Car Was Hit by a Delivery Truck

Mr C, Salford Received Over £3,000

JMW has helped a motorist receive over £3,000 compensation after his car was hit by a delivery truck, resulting in whiplash.

Mr C. was proceeding along a main road in central Salford when a delivery truck pulled out from a side road and caught his near side back quarter panel. 

As a result of the collision, the truck driver caused damage to Mr C’s car that required him to have a brand new bumper and have the back quarter panel of the car knocked out.  

The injury

Mr C felt a spasm in his neck shortly after the accident.  He contacted an acquaintance who worked at JMW and it was suggested that Mr C visit a Doctor, as the neck spasm sounded like a symptom of whiplash.  The Doctor confirmed that Mr C did have whiplash and Mr C decided to make a claim. 

The claim

Mr C dealt with Michelle Arathoon, Associate, who was able to resolve his claim in less than two months.  Mr C says of Michelle: “Michelle was absolutely brilliant.  She started the process going and was able to secure a compensation settlement for me within two months.  I didn’t need to be involved in the process until the settlement came; Michelle kept me informed at every step and was professional and hard working throughout.” 


Mr C concluded the case with a settlement of over £3,000 which covered his injuries.

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Mr G was involved in a serious motorcycle accident when a van pulled out from a side road into Mr G’s path. He decided to make a claim with JMW Solicitors, where Jason Harwood, Partner, handled his case.

Mr F, a motorcyclist, was injured after a driver suddenly reversed into him whilst traffic was stationary. It caused Mr F’s motorcycle to shoot back, the petrol tank to hit him in the groin and the bike to fall over and land on top of him. He sustained soft tissue to his back, shoulders, legs, knees and scrotum, as well as suffering severe soft tissue injuries to his wrists. He decided to make a claim and got in touch with JMW Solicitors, where our road traffic collisions team handled his claim.

Mr W, a motorcyclist, was in the right hand lane of a roundabout when a driver changed lanes without warning and collided with him. Mr W suffered bruising and pain to his back, both hips, right shoulder, and a sprained wrist. He decided to make a claim and was put in touch with JMW Solicitors where Ayshea Hafeez-Ahmed handled his claim.

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