Sam Donnelly - Testimonial

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Sam Donnelly - Testimonial

Whiplash Video Transcript

Hello I’m Sam Donnelly and I was involved in an accident that wasn’t my fault. A while back I was a passenger in a taxi, and we approached a roundabout, and a car hit us from behind, and as a result I received whiplash injuries.

Then once it was apparent that those injuries weren’t subsiding I decided to make a claim and a friend recommended JMW Solicitors. This was the first time I’d made a claim for an injury but what was great was I was never put under any sort of pressure to make the claim – it certainly wasn’t a high pressure sales approach and the lawyer made me feel relaxed at all times through the process.

The insurer accepted responsibility for the accident and the lawyer then explained that the main issues were, first of all, to show that the injuries that I had suffered were due to the accident that I went through and also then find a level of compensation that would be fair to both parties.

The lawyer was very good at keeping me in the loop, he informed me of any reports that came in, or any information or comments that came from the other party’s insurer. He then put a document together which listed all my losses that I had received because of the accident, and he sent this along with my medical report to the other party to encourage them to make a settlement.

He thought the offer that they made was too low, and advised that I reject the offer and make a counter offer, which I did. He had to issue court proceedings and after some negotiations the lawyer received a higher offer, which he thought was acceptable and advised that I take it, which I did.

Overall I received over £2,000 in compensation and I thought that was a great amount. It certainly helped with my recovery and I’d certainly recommend JMW.

Overall I thought the service from JMW was excellent - they were very professional and supportive and I would certainly recommend to anyone that they use them for anything like I went through. Also at the moment I’m using them for some conveyancing services and again, the service level is excellent.

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