Case Study: Motoring Collision Causing Whiplash and Anxiety

A woman has won a sizeable settlement figure after suffering whiplash and anxiety following a car collision, having declined a poor initial offer. 

Mrs C was sitting in her stationary vehicle at a roundabout exit, waiting to merge.  The defendant collided with the rear of Mrs C’s vehicle while she was stationary.  As a result of the accident, Mrs C’s vehicle’s boot was completely destroyed and it was declared a write-off. 

Mrs C decided to make a claim for the damage caused to her vehicle and the suffering she experienced as a result of the accident.  She was put in touch with JMW Solicitors, where Legal Executive Cheryl Patel, acted on her behalf. 

Cheryl assisted Mrs C with several things; she arranged for Mrs C to be provided with a hire car, and then for the defendant’s insurers to provide a cheque covering the cost of her car, which enabled her to purchase a replacement car. 

Full medical assessment

Cheryl also ensured that Mrs C attended a General Practitioner to have a full medical assessment following the accident.  The GP confirmed that Mrs C suffered whiplash injuries to her neck and mid to lower back, which caused her pain, particularly when she tried to turn her head.  Mrs C also experienced problems sleeping properly and became distressed and anxious before and during driving as a result of the accident.  She felt very upset in the days following the accident and the doctor assessed that her physical symptoms would resolve within a week or so, but that her psychological symptoms would take several months to fade. 

Low offer refused

The defendant’s insurers made a low offer to settle the case that did not take into account Mrs C’s anxiety, loss of sleep and stress.  Cheryl did not believe this offer was acceptable and issued proceedings on Mrs C’s behalf to take the matter to a County Court.  Once Cheryl issued proceedings, the defendant’s solicitor made an offer that Cheryl and Mrs C was much more reasonable and addressed the issues that she had faced more fully.  Mrs C chose to accept the offer on Cheryl’s advice. 

When asked about the service she was provided, Mrs C said of Cheryl that she: “was keeping me up to date at all times of what was happening with the case (with e-mails or phone) and was answering the questions that I had at any moment. 

“Also, the fact that she arranged for a hire car for my use a few days after the accident was very helpful, as it meant I was still able to get to work easily and without problems.” 

Awarded a suitable figure

Cheryl’s hard work and unwillingness to accept a poor offer initial offer from the defendant’s insurers meant that Mrs C was awarded a settlement figure that properly accounted for her accident, and we feel this is exactly how a good claimant solicitor should act on behalf of their client.  This hard work and preparedness to fight our clients’ corner is something that everyone at JMW is proud to do. 

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Mr G was involved in a serious motorcycle accident when a van pulled out from a side road into Mr G’s path. He decided to make a claim with JMW Solicitors, where Jason Harwood, Partner, handled his case.

Mr F, a motorcyclist, was injured after a driver suddenly reversed into him whilst traffic was stationary. It caused Mr F’s motorcycle to shoot back, the petrol tank to hit him in the groin and the bike to fall over and land on top of him. He sustained soft tissue to his back, shoulders, legs, knees and scrotum, as well as suffering severe soft tissue injuries to his wrists. He decided to make a claim and got in touch with JMW Solicitors, where our road traffic collisions team handled his claim.

Mr W, a motorcyclist, was in the right hand lane of a roundabout when a driver changed lanes without warning and collided with him. Mr W suffered bruising and pain to his back, both hips, right shoulder, and a sprained wrist. He decided to make a claim and was put in touch with JMW Solicitors where Ayshea Hafeez-Ahmed handled his claim.

Mrs P was a pedestrian crossing the road outside her home when she was knocked over by a driver. The accident caused Mrs P to suffer a severe brain injury which required intensive medical treatment and has left Mrs P with lifelong care requirements.

Mr P was a cyclist who was knocked off his bike by a driver on his way home. He sustained injuries to his mouth and lost three teeth as a result of the accident. He decided to make a claim for his injuries.

Mr F was injured he was involved in a rear end shunt. He was put in touch with JMW Solicitors LLP, and handled his claim.

After another driver collided with the rear of her vehicle, Mrs C experienced neck and back problems, as well as anxiety issues. JMW helped her claim compensation.

Mr S suffered several major injuries, and underwent a leg amputation, after he was thrown from his motorbike after a collision.

Mr C received over £3,000 in compensation for his injuries following an accident in which his near side back quarter panel was hit by a truck

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