Breaches of Court Orders

Breaching a court order is viewed as a very serious act, bringing a wide range of possible penalties and, in some cases, separate criminal charges may arise at a Magistrates’ or Crown Court. It is essential that anyone accused of breaching a court order is able to rely on the very best legal representation.

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What is a Breach?

A breach means that an individual or organisation has disobeyed or failed to comply with an order or prohibition.

About Court Orders

Many criminal cases feature conditions that are imposed by courts to reduce the risk of offending while on bail or to secure a defendant’s attendance at court. Common types of court orders include:

  • Being forbidden from going to a specific area
  • Having to obey a curfew
  • A ‘no contact’ order
  • Not being allowed to possess alcohol or drugs
  • Being prohibited from possessing a weapon
  • Pledging a surety or paying a security into court

Breaching the terms of a court order can lead to you being remanded in custody. Having the help and support of the best legal assistance from a highly experienced team is therefore a major benefit for those facing a breach of bail or other court order.

Court Order Breach Penalties Explained

The consequences for breaching a court order include imprisonment and high financial penalties. However, most offenders do not receive prison sentences and are instead made to carry out community service.

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