Case Study: Limousine Accident Causing Whiplash

Mr F was awarded £6,625

After getting in touch with JMW, a limousine driver has been awarded £6,625 compensation after his car was struck from behind causing him to suffer whiplash.

The claim

Mr F, a limousine driver, was stationary in busy traffic when a driver struck his limousine from behind at speed, causing him to be thrown forward in his seat and black out.  Mr F suffered lower back pain, a stiff neck, pain in his right arm and little finger, and shock. 

Letter of claim

We sent a letter of claim to the defendant’s insurer, informing them of Mr F’s intent to seek compensation for the accident.  They admitted liability for the accident, subject to medical evidence demonstrating the accident was responsible for Mr F’s injuries.

We also arranged for a General Practitioner to examine Mr F and provide an independent report on his injuries and began preparing a Schedule of Loss, a document outlining all financial losses suffered as a result of the accident.  This would assist in agreeing a final settlement. 

Medical evidence

The GP’s report confirmed that Mr F had suffered some shock, developed headaches, and was experiencing pain from soft tissue injuries in his neck, lower back, right shoulder and right little finger.  It also confirmed that Mr F’s symptoms should be resolved within an eight to nine month period after the accident.

Mr F was still experiencing neck and shoulder pains after this time, so we arranged for a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon to provide a further examination and report. The Consultant recommended a course of physiotherapy, and advised that, alongside the physiotherapy, Mr F’s neck and shoulder pain should resolve itself within two years after the accident.  We therefore arranged for Mr F to attend physiotherapy sessions.

Final settlement

Once Mr F’s physiotherapy was complete, we sent his medical reports to the defendant’s insurer, encouraging them to make an offer to settle the case.  The insurer made an offer, but we felt this was too low and advised Mr F to reject it and allow us to put in a counter offer.  Mr F agreed to this, and we made the counter offer.  The defendant’s insurer accepted the offer and we settled the case.

Mr F was delighted with the outcome and has praised JMW for all of our hard work and we were pleased to have been able to offer Mr F our assistance.

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