£750,000 award for holiday maker left with mobility problems after a package holiday

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£750,000 award for holiday maker left with mobility problems after a package holiday

JMW has negotiated a £750,000 settlement for a holiday goer who suffered from salmonella while abroad on a package holiday and required a 2-stage knee replacement following complications.

The Case

Mr S was on a package holiday to the Dominican Republic when he contracted Salmonella with initial symptoms of stomach cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting and loss of appetite. On his return to the UK, Mr S noticed swelling to his leg and felt increasingly unwell. He was admitted to hospital where he remained as an inpatient for a number of weeks, before being diagnosed with Salmonella Septic Arthritis in his knee joint. 

From here, Mr S’s health continued to deteriorate and his mobility was increasingly restricted for months, before undergoing his 2-stage knee replacement. Mr S was reliant on care and assistance from his family during this time and had to take early retirement as a result of the disabilities he faced.

The Claim

Shortly after, Mr S contacted JMW Solicitors and explained his issues. Our personal injury team discussed how he came down with salmonella and how it affected him. We then worked on his behalf to gather evidence of his injury.

To ensure that all aspects of Mr S’s complex injury was covered, evidence from experts in microbiology, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, rheumatology, care, occupational therapy and accommodation were obtained. After providing evidence, it was accepted that Mr S would eventually require a property with a downstairs bedroom and bathroom due to his ongoing knee symptoms.

Final Settlement

The liability of the package holiday provider was denied, but after ongoing negotiations, settlement was reached in the sum of £750,000. Mr S was very happy with this settlement, which enabled him to purchase and adapt a suitable property and other equipment to improve his quality of life and ensure this for the future.

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