Settlement of £217,000 following a road traffic accident in Spain

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Settlement of £217,000 following a road traffic accident in Spain

JMW helped a woman achieve a settlement of £217,000 as a result of multiple injuries she sustained when she was a passenger involved in a road traffic accident in Spain

The Claim

Mrs T was the front seat passenger in a hire car during a holiday to Spain when the driver entered the opposite carriageway and caused a head-on collision. She sustained multiple, serious injuries as a result including a wrist fracture and internal injuries which required emergency surgery.

The Case

JMW were able to assist Mrs T to bring the claim to the English courts, meaning the case could be progressed swiftly, and with ease for our client. We obtained medical expert evidence from experts including an Orthopaedic Surgeon, a General Surgeon, Gastroenterologist, a Plastic Surgeon, a Breast Surgeon and a Psychiatrist to assist us in understanding the extent of the Claimant’s injuries and her future prognosis and to assist in valuing the claim. We assessed her loss of earnings, care and assistance and medical expenses, along with other out-of-pocket expenses to value her case. Court proceedings were issued to progress the case.

Final settlement

After the commencement of Court proceedings, JMW were able to enter negotiations with the Defendant’s Solicitors and secured a settlement of £217,000 which Mrs T decided to accept the offer to bring a conclusion to the proceedings.

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