Ski Equipment Causes Shoulder Fracture - £14,000

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Ski Equipment Causes Shoulder Fracture - £14,000

JMW secured £14,000 for our client who was injured while on holiday in France due to poorly fitted and unsuitable ski equipment, which caused them to have two falls and suffer a fractured shoulder.

The Case

Our client, an experienced skier, was on the first day of his holiday when the incident occurred. He booked his ski equipment through the tour operator and collected it on the day of the accident. Mr D was skiing on one of the easier runs during a ski tour to familiarise himself with the resort. Not long into the tour, Mr D tried to turn right when his ski suddenly came off, causing him to fall and hit his face and shoulder on the ground. 

To temporarily fix the equipment, the representative tightened its binding with a pen knife, and Mr D was forced to ski back down the slope as there was no other way of getting down. On the way down, Mr D’s ski came off again and he suffered a second, more minor fall. 

The Claim

We raised allegations that the ski equipment was not fitted correctly by the ski hire shop, which in turn caused Mr D’s accident, but this was denied by the defendants. We obtained evidence from a ski expert who commented on the specific settings of the bindings within Mr D’s skis, and concluded that the settings were substantially below the minimum allowable figure. This statement was supportive of Mr D’s version of events. Medical evidence was also obtained to discuss Mr D’s injuries.

Final Settlement

Our solicitors commenced court proceedings against the defendant and provided our evidence in support of Mr D’s claim. The claim eventually settled pre-trial for £14,000.

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