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If allegations of computer fraud have been made against you, your company or a client, JMW can provide expert legal advice and representation to help you successfully fight the accusations. Charges of this type can be complex and potentially very damaging, so it is important to have the right legal team in your corner.

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The number of incidences of computer fraud has skyrocketed over the past couple of decades, with advances in technology and the number of businesses operating online dramatically increasing the opportunities available to fraudsters. It is easy for people to unwittingly become accused of fraud, particularly in cases where there is a long chain of criminal activity - those at either end of a chain of fraudulent activity could have no idea of their personal involvement.

JMW provides legal services to help individuals and businesses to successfully defend against allegations of all types of computer fraud. It is one of the widest areas of fraud and advances in computer technology, combined with the number of firms that now have an online presence, mean the opportunities available to fraudsters are almost endless.

We have worked on cases of computer fraud involving:

  • Pyramid schemes run via computer
  • Phishing emails attempting to steal personal information
  • Laptop/computer theft, theft of data
  • Computer hacking (for information gathering or to change confidential information)
  • Computer viruses, worms and malware
  • Identity theft

During our many years in the sector we have developed in-depth skills in dealing with all kinds of computer fraud. We ensure we keep ourselves up to date with the latest techniques, researching new trends in fraudster behaviour and educating ourselves on the latest malware and hacking technology.

Why Choose JMW?

During our many years of experience in the sector, we have seen legal enquiries change from relatively simple transaction thefts to complex cases involving malware and sophisticated remote attacks. Our specialist computer fraud solicitors are malware, spyware and ActiveX manipulation literate, and we have taken on many incredibly complex cases with great success.

Many clients we have represented are unaware of committing computer fraud attacks until they become the subject of an investigation and are suddenly immersed into an enquiry, so it is absolutely vital to have experienced and knowledgeable solicitors on side as soon as possible.

If allegations have been made against you, a member of our fraud team will be pleased to arrange a no-obligation chat to discuss your requirements. We will put together a bespoke team to fight your corner - this could include electronic equipment and computer experts, as well as forensic experts. We are able to represent people from all parts of the UK, including Manchester and London.

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