Case Study: Woman awarded £6,750 after sustaining an injury whilst disembarking a cruise ship.

The injury

Our client was a 62 year old was a passenger on-board a cruise ship travelling the Mediterranean. She was disembarking the ship in France and was about to step onto a ramp to enable her to cross the pontoon to the boat when the ramp moved and hit her left foot catching her big toe. The nail was standing at a vertical angle and she was bleeding.

She was taken to the medical room on the ship where a doctor removed the nail completely without anaesthetic which was an extremely painful procedure.

The rest of her holiday was impacted by her inability to walk and see the sites that she had planned to see.

The pain settled over a period of weeks however it was necessary to wait to see if the new nail would re-attach to the nail plate normally. Fortunately, this did happen however our client went on to suffer a fungal infection that was a result of the nail injury allowing entry of fungal spores to the nail plate.

The claim

As the accident occurred whilst our client was boarding her cruise ship, the claim was brought under the rules of the Athens Convention. A letter of claim was submitted to the cruise company and a formal admission of liability was made very quickly.


Our client contacted the cruise company direct in an attempt to agree on compensation due to the injury sustained. The cruise company offered her just over £1,000 and she contacted JMW to discuss the offer and a potential claim. After advising the client that we could secure her a significantly higher sum and also assist with private chiropractic treatment that may be required, she instructed JMW to deal with her claim. After obtaining medical evidence, we secured £6,750 for our client which she was very pleased with.

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