Olivia Scates talks to ITV Granada. 


Olivia Scates secured a multi-million pound care package for an eight-year-old girl who has severe cerebral palsy due to mistakes made prior to her birth that starved her brain of oxygen. Ayla Ellison, of Ulverston, Cumbria was born with significant brain damage due to serious errors which were made by maternity staff at Furness General Hospital, Barrow prior to her delivery. 

Following the Morcambe Bay enquiry, to which Furness General Hospital was included, Olivia spoke to Granada reports about the enquiry and the issues involved in Ayla's care. 

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" For most, the serious and shocking proof about failures at Furness General Hospital is only just sinking in. But this is a family who must live with its devastating consequences every day.

Ayla Ellison was starved of oxygen during labour at the hospital said by yesterdays enquiry to have suffered a lethal mix of failures. The family lawyer told me the Trust has now admitted negligence, but in her case that is little consolation.

News reporter -

" Every single day of their lives has been changed, and it is not just Ayla's life it is the family life. These are preventable deaths, preventable brain damage, and preventable devastation of peoples lives.

Olivia Scates - Partner, Clinical Negligence

" The report found that there was evidence of major failures at almost every level. "

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